Kathryn Kananen

Kathryn Kananen


Department of Microbiology, Ohio State

Kat is a bioinformatician and computational biologist in the Bradley Lab, whose professional interests include population genomics and genomic architecture. She received her BS in 2019 in Bioinformatics and computational biology from Iowa State University, where she worked with the Hufford Lab on characterization of hybrid teosinte populations. In 2020, she received her MS at Cranfield University where she developed a tool to visualize bulk segregant analysis using R, and developed an R package for human variant ranking. In the same year, she joined Ohio State in 2020 working with the TCC, Stover Lab, and Blachly Lab to create a cBioPortal instance for the Cancer Center and develop pipelines for data harmonization. She is currently co-mentoring one of the Bradley Lab Undergrads, Yuchen Wu.

  • MS in Applied Bioinformatics

    Cranfield University

  • BS in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

    Iowa State University